Day 73: Honeymee (Sawtelle)

We wandered into this little shop in the Olympic Collection on a whim a few weeks ago, and we’ve been back at least once a week since then to visit their fourth LA storefront! The bibical pairing of milk and honey is brought to a new level by Honeymee’s subtly sweet “true milk” soft serve paired with sweet drizzles of liquid honey or a little hunk of honeycomb. Named after cute terms of endearment (“Sweetie” and “Darling” are just two examples), menu items also include honeyed teas and milkshakes if you’re looking to satisfy a sugar craving AND keep a hand free for driving!

Honeymee uses Kosher-certified milk and award-winning honey from a local certified bee farm to create quality desserts that showcase California’s best producers. (Like we needed another excuse to eat ice cream, but at least the portions are reasonably sized!) We guarantee that these treats will have a shorter lifespan than your jar of honey at home, and might even inspire you to brave rush hour traffic on the way home to make your commute just a little bit sweeter!

What: Honeymee Ice Cream

Where: in the Olympic Collection, on the Sawtelle side

When: Monday-Sunday, 12pm-12am

How much: $4.25-4.75, plus $2 cash to park in the Olympic Collection lot or coins for metered street parking

Who: everyone can enjoy Honeymee, even our new friend Elsa (both treat and photo shared with permission of her guardian)!


Please note: we did not receive any compensation or incentives for this review, as always.

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