Day 74: TikiFish Poke (Palms)

Do you ever find yourself in West LA and craving poké but don’t have the heart to brave the parking and traffic in Venice or Santa Monica? Well, TikiFish is here to save the day! This shop serves up fresh poké, ceviche and agua fresca in a perfect blend of Latin/Asian fusion that has come to characterize some of LA’s biggest players (think Kogi) and is celebrating its third week of business today.


The staff is super friendly, the line moves fast and the food is tasty and filling! Check out their Instagram feed for a look at all the delicious was you can BYOP (build your own poké).

What: TikiFish Poke and Ceviche

Where: 3300 Overland Ave

How much: $9-11 for ceviche and $10-13 for a poke bowl

Parking: Parking in the lot is tight, but there is ample street parking available!

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