Day 68: 626 Night Market (Santa Anita)

626 Night Market celebrates its 5th summer season this year with four Asian-themed weekends of food, merchandise, entertainment and more! We learned about it by accident while getting lost on an Internet rabbit trail one Saturday night sometime around 8pm, minding our own business and watching Chris Hemsworth movie in our PJs. It took us about 2 minutes to ditch Chris and change once we realized the market would be open until 1am, so we hopped in the car (despite already having eaten dinner) and were off! Check out our pics (mostly of food) below!

What: 626 Night Market

Where: Santa Anita Park; enter through Gates 3 & 5 on Huntington Drive or Gate 8 on Baldwin Ave

When: Friday (7/22) & Saturday (7/23) from 4pm-1am, Sunday (7/24) from 4-11pm.

There will be two more after this one as well on August 5–7 (Friday & Saturday 4pm–1am, Sunday 4pm–11p) and September 2–4 (Friday & Saturday & Sunday 4pm–1am, Extended Labor Day Weekend hours)

How much: $3 admission at the door; children under 6 years old enter for free! Please note: many vendors are cash-only, so remember to bring your Washingtons, Lincolns, Hamiltons and Jacksons!!

Parking/how to get there: Free parking!

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