Day 34: Joan’s on Third

Joan's on Third

It was Sunday morning and my husband and I just picked up our daughter from a sleepover across town. We thought we’d stop at Larchmont, but the farmer’s market was going on and we didn’t feel like dealing with the crowd.  It was lunchtime and I remembered that my husband has never been to Joan’s on Third.  I don’t know how such a thing is possible given that he is in the food service industry, but off we went…

We were heading up to order and I noticed that she had a large LeCreuset like pot full of fried chicken, and hey it was Superbowl Sunday…  I had been jonesing for some good fried chicken for months, ever since I read an article that Jonathon Gold posted (I don’t think he mentions Joan’s but she should definitely be included).  Cut to the chase, it was delicious!  Large pieces of perfectly cooked chicken, not too salty, no soggy breading, not too greasy and not dry!  I ordered two wings and a thigh for my husband, but when I saw the size of the wings, I cancelled the thigh and it was more than enough! My daughter had the Eggs Benedict and they were perfectly cooked as well.   Feeling a bit guilty, I made sure to order some salad to go with our meal, a simple butter lettuce with goat cheese and dried cranberries, dressed with just enough tangy deliciousness to coat the leaves but not cause the lettuce to sag.

This is a perfect stop to collect goodies for a Hollywood Bowl picnic or just grab a quick bite.  I absolutely love this place, the only thing that could make it better would be to open one closer to my home.  Please Joan, open another place the Westside!

Day 13: Gjelina

By far, one if my favorite restaurants in all of L.A.! Great for brunch, lunch and dinner. They are under construction to open a to-go spot next door for those of us who don’t like to wait.  There are no reservations for parties under six. They take the freshest ingredients and make something delicious, so you can taste all the individual items and have it still be something new. This isn’t one of those restaurants that tries too hard to make something original and ends up tasting so-so, everything is so yummy.   Just go!