Day 71: 84th Annual Great Sand Sculpture Competition (Long Beach)

Salty air and sandy toes are calling! Head to Long Beach to see some crazy sand sculptures this weekend. Continue reading

Day 33: Ciclavia!

Ciclavia to the Sea

What, no driving in Los Angeles?  Ditch that SUV, or for you Westsiders; your Prius, for your bike, skates or just plain walking shoes.  Ciclavia returns April 21st, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. and will transform Venice Blvd. from downtown L.A. to the Sea.  Bring your kids, dogs and smiles…

Day 22: Big Sunday

You don’t have to be a Secret Millionaire to give back.  Anyone who has been watching that show cannot help but be touched by the gratitude that springs forth from both the giver and recipient.  On May 14th and 15th, Big Sunday returns with thousands of volunteers spreading out around the city to build community through community service.  At Keller Williams Santa Monica, we are doing our own day of service at John Adams Middle School on May 12th  

You are welcome to join us or click on the Big Sunday weblink above to learn about other opportunities to be of service. 

I can say without hesitation, that I feel the best about myself when I am doing something good for others and community service has been a wonderful lesson in compassion for my family.