Day 70: Urban Adventure Quest (The Getty)

Inspired by the show The Amazing Race, family-owned and -operated Urban Adventure Quest created their company to help people explore popular urban areas and discover new facts to help them win bar trivia! (Just kidding about that last part, but these tours do provide a lot of interesting information about the local area!)


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The company provides tours all over the US and even in Vancouver, so even though this post focuses on the Getty, you can try it anywhere you go. How it works is you visit their website to purchase the quest, then use a data-enable smartphone to log in to their site and begin the quest. UAQ recommends that you play with teams of five or less, and you can play at any time – open the site up and go as quickly or slowly as you want! And yes, you can compete against each other OR see how you measure up on the City LeaderBoards! This also makes a great gift for any teens who have gotten into Pokemon Go – the tour might take them to new and unexplored places (and get them out of the house!)

What: Urban Adventure Quest scavenger hunts

Where: The Getty (and other locations)

When: Whenever you want! **Please note: The Getty is closed on Mondays

Who: All ages (The site notes that the tours are “2-3 miles and take 2-4 hours” so make sure these metrics are appropriate for participants)

How much: $49/team or $30 for a mini-quest. For multiple teams, make sure you sign out and create a new account before registering a new group.

Parking: According to the Getty’s website, parking is “$15 per car or motorcycle, reduced to $10 after 3:00 p.m.

Check out this video from Youtube user Spotbound about the quest!


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