Day 46: Cinco de Mayo at the Baja Cantina (Marina Del Rey)

So technically, I shouldn’t be writing this post because it happens that I’m allergic to the Baja. What?! By that I mean, my dad built it, my mom worked as a manager there, my aunt waitressed there, my brother worked there…. To say the least, it’s a place with a lot of family history for us.

BUT, it is also a great place to celebrate Cinco de Drinko┬áCinco de Mayo this evening! Located within walking distance from the beach, they offer Oaxacan and tropical-inspired dishes and an extensive tequila menu. One of our favorite features is the warm chips with salsa that are included with every entree. Tuesday night also happens to be lobster night, so make sure that if you go the surf-n-turf route, the “turf” portion doesn’t involve you and the floor! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone, stay safe tonight and make sure to call an Uber or Lyft if you need help getting home!

If you want to book ahead of time, you can make a reservation on their website using the Open Table link!


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