Day 28: Milo & Olive

There really are perks to being the early bird…  We went to the newly opened Milo & Olive this morning to celebrate my Dad’s birthday (breakfast is his favorite meal).  These are the same people who brought us Huckleberry, Sweet Rose Creamery, and Rustic Canyon. In other words YUM!  While waiting for our Baked Farm Egg’s and Prosciutto and Gruyere Quiche’s (both delicious), the co-owner Josh Loeb brought us over some samples from the bakery section.   Among the baked goods we tasted, which were all sublime, there was a butternut, rosemary and fleur de sal flatbread cake that was a stand-out.  My advice, go now before the crowds find out they’re open and forget about not eating carbs, there are times when you just have to surrender!

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