Day 27: Get a Haircut!

A few years ago, 2002 to be exact and way before I learned to Yelp…  I was tired of the high attitude, high cost salons (which shall remain nameless) where the stylists kept staring at themselves in the mirror while pretending to be interested in you and your hair.    Then I found a local directory book called Moxly Head to Toe: The Guide to Beauty.  In it, there was a listing for Vox Salon in Ocean Park.  Moxly’s description “…continues to cater to high-end, low-maintenence women who want to look good without spending a lot of time and money doing so.”  That suited me perfectly and Carmine has been tending to my tresses ever since!  At this Bumble and Bumble salon, everyone is talented and super friendly.  Their prices are reasonable and it feels like the whole neighborhood goes there.   Check them out, you will not be disappointed!

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