Day 64: Little Room Portraits (Venice)

We stumbled upon the COOLEST little pop-up studio on Abbot Kinney this week and had to share…


Service Window!

Little Room Portraits is the brain-child of Davis Guggenheim and . We don’t know how we missed it, but it’s been hanging out since April of this year! The studio uses a Hasselblad 503 85mm camera and Hahnmühle fine art paper to produce museum-quality prints to take on your merry way. Sample portraits line the outer walls of this intimate studio, and the staff is incredibly warm and friendly. As you duck your head under the curtain and gingerly make your way between the equipment to the designated mark, you can feel that this project is special. One thought that resonated during the portrait process was the fact that none of us had posed for a portrait that was non-school or -work related in a long time. It felt both vulnerable and rebellious to take time out of our day and just stand in front of a camera – no extra special prep or makeup, no fancy outfits, no filters. Just ourselves in the middle of the day, fresh off the street.


They were running a special of $20/portrait, but the normal cost is $25. To see more of their stunning work, check out their Instagram and Facebook pages!


What: Little Room Portraits, a pop-up portrait studio

Where: 1314 Abbot Kinney Blvd

When: Thursday-Sunday, 2pm-8pm through August!

How much: $25 per print, with three people they asked that we commit to buying at least two prints but we ended up wanting more!

Parking: free 2 hour street parking, or metered parking across the street behind


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