Day 60: “Petal Drop LA (01)” (DTLA)

Did you catch the Griffith Park Teahouse that popped up on a hill in the park last summer? No idea what I’m talking about?? Click through this link to learn more! Unfortunately, the teahouse was removed in early August, which may leave you wondering why this is relevant. Well, the anonymous artist group that brought us the teahouse is creating an installation this Saturday between the Arcade and Cameo Theaters on Broadway downtown! During the performance, 7,000 collected petals will be dropped in a steady rain from dusk until dawn. Similar to the wishes that were left at the teahouse, there will be slips of paper available for visitors to write down wishes and/or memories of LA.

What: Petal Drop LA (01) art installation

Where: Downtown, in the alley between 530-532 S Broadway

Cost: Free, except for parking (available on the street or under Pershing Square for $16 max), or consider taking the Metro to Pershing Square Station (within walking distance of the installation)

Worried about the weather? Stay updated on the project by checking out their Instagram

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