Day 15: Cooking Classes

In speaking with one of my colleagues at Keller Williams Realty today, he asked if I knew where he could take a cooking class. Thus my topic for today’s blog! 

Not only does Chefs Inc. have classes for adults, they also offer summer camp for the kiddies.  You could even go completely authentic and meet Mamma Vittori on a culinary tour like the one coming up in Tuscany! 

I like the variety of culinary tastes they offer and best of all, you can sign up online for one class or a series of classes.  So if you’re like me, and your tastes run from India, to Japan, to Italy, to seafood, and so on…  By coming to Chefs Inc., you will be able to sharpen your knives and techniques and meet other like minded budding chefs along the way!

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