Day 3: The Broad Stage

This was my first visit to The Broad Stage and was deeply impressed with the venue.  It’s small (499 seats), the acoustics are great, and the real estate side of me loved the contemporary design of both the exterior and interior of the building.  They had food available for purchase, courtesy of that wonderful catering company Along Came Mary, and wine was on the house.  But water cost a buck, go figure!  The women’s bathroom had a generous lounge with a couch,  two side chairs and plenty of stalls for everyone, no waiting!

We went to see Peter Brook: The Grand Inquisitor and Fragments from Beckett to Dostoevsky mainly because my 12th grade daughter Jackie, took a Brothers Karamazov class this year and was interested in seeing it performed.  Very interesting dialogue of Jesus coming back during the Spanish Inquisition, but I didn’t get the Fragments portion of the show.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining  for some, as there were quite a few people with loud guffaws at certain points (Jackie and I don’t think they get out much or had too much of the free wine). 

Was it too high-brow for me?  Absolutely!  Glad I went to see the space, yes… 

I’m looking forward to heading back there.  Maybe they will feature a trashy night of comedy that would be right up my alley, but I’m not counting on it!

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