Day 52: Kahanamoku Klassic (Marina Del Rey)

Duke (L) and Sam Kahanamoku. Image from

Duke (L) and Sam Kahanamoku. Image from

Duke Kahanamoku, the namesake of this weekend’s annual outrigger canoe race, was a surfing legend and all-around Hawai’ian hero. A kind of jack-of-all-trades, “The Duke” won five Olympic swimming medals, acted in dozens of films after moving to Southern California, pioneered the popularization of surfing on the mainland, and served the public as Honolulu’s Sheriff and later as the state’s “Ambassador of Aloha”. When President FDR came to visit, he even “rode out merrily by double canoe to greet him, and showed F.D.R.’s sons how to paddle an outrigger.” His many skills and spirit of Aloha permeated his numerous efforts to bridge the gap between the islands and mainland USA, and it is in his name that thousands will be paddling out in the Marina this weekend!

Hosted by the Marina del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club, the competition ranges from a 6-mile kids/novice race to a 10-mile race for men, women and coed teams in six-person outrigger canoes. You will have a great view from any one of the fingers, as the races go pretty quickly. In addition, there will be a raffle and silent auction from 7am-2pm (including trips to Hawai’i, according to an insider aka my dad), and the farmer’s market opens at 9am next to the Cheesecake Factory! Here’s the summary:

What: Kahanamoku Klassic Outrigger Canoe Race, hosted by the MDROCC

When: Saturday, May 30th. First race (keiki) starts at 8am, last race (men’s) starts at 12:30pm.

Where: Mother’s Beach 

Cost: Free! (Except for parking, so ride your bikes and save some dough!)

Parking: “All public lots are $8-$12.50. Please bring CASH and EXACT AMOUNT. Please DO NOT drive down Admiralty and turn into Palawan. This will cause traffic congestion.” See map below.

“• Lot # 7 (no attendant) – 4350 Admiralty Way (near Fire station #110)
• Lot # 8 (club attendant) – 4220 Admiralty Way (the lot behind the hotel on corner of Admiralty and Palawan Way)
• Lot #10 (club attendant) – 4101 Admiralty Way (the lot next to Jamaica Bay Inn)
• Lot #12 (club attendant) – 14151 Marquesas Way (and Via Marina) This lot is under construction but public may park where space is available
• Lot #13 (no attendant) – 4601 Via Marina (this lot is furthest way, at Via Marina at North Jetty Way)
• NOTE: We DO NOT have access to Lot #11- 14101 Panay Way
• Lot # 9 (Club attendant) – This lot is only for SCORA and vendor parking.”
Map from

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